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Hangzhou Children’s Hospital is a non-profit public hospital founded by the Hangzhou government. With the approval of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province, the hospital is built according to highest standard, providing every single patient with the best possible care and professional support.

The hospital started its trial run on January 20th, 2009. After Hangzhou Sixth People’s hospital’s relocation In July 2012, Hangzhou Children’s Hospital celebrated its official opening, and started to practice as an independent entity. The hospital complex building renovation project was completed in September 2014, after which all outpatients and inpatients were moved into the new building.

Hangzhou Children’s Hospital provides medical care under various disciplines, including internal medicine, general surgery, infectious diseases, neonatology, ophthalmology, health care, TCM, Endocrinologydermatology, ENT and stomatology. The quantity of daily outpatient visits has reached 2,000, and the number of available beds has reached 240.

In November 2014, Hangzhou Children’s Hospital joined the Beijing Children's Hospital Group. All 20 member hospitals share resources in aspects of clinical, experts, scientific research, teaching, management and prevention. Through the collaboration with different children’s hospital across the country, all 599 employees of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital dedicate to promote the medical service quality to a new level.

Hangzhou Children’s Hospital started a new 600,000-square-meter complex building project. The project is expected to complete in 3 years, and will add another 500 available beds.  

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